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Mahesh Rawal is an astrologer who believes in KARM not fatalism so he likes to guide people as per their star trends not to forecast.  He is a science graduate and research scholar in the field of Astrology.  

The ancient knowledge of Vedic Astrology learnt form his  father Himatlal and Guru Dr. Jani   column writer of a premier daily news paper of India published also from Chicago (USA) having readership of 10 million people. Since 30 years Mr. Mahesh Rawal is a profounde scholar of spiritualism, Yoga, Religion, Mastra-Tantra-Yantra rituals.

He is the popular author of many books on Astrology and spiritualism. He is we known famous and authentic personality in the field of Astrology throughout India and abroad. Indian people living in all over the world who follow his guidelines and suggestions since many years.  

Mr. Mahesh Rawal is also a faculty member of “American Federation of Astrologers, U.S.A.

In his news paper column and magazines his predicted many national and International events which occurs true and right few are as bellow:


Assassination of Indira Gandhi/Rajeev Gandhi, prime ministers of India


Rise and fall of Indian’s Prime Minister such as Moraji Desai/V.P.Singh, Chandra Shekar,   Narsimha Rao etc.,


Hanging over of President Bhutto of Pakistan.


Victory in election of President Carter, Regan, Clinton of United States.


Fall of President-Nixon of USA


Victory of India in Indo-Pak war 1971


Many more predictions on political, natural and economical events have been published in newspapers.

If you believe the heavenly bodies and their forces may effect on you.  Then you know it through your horoscope. If you don’t believe than leave.





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