Scientific Principals Behind the Influence of Gemstones

The cosmic rays influence life on this planet in several ways. The gems can exert tangible influence on the human body in regulating these cosmic vibrations in the required proportions. The proper use of the gems under expert astrological guidance can help one and all in deploying the gems therapy to generate curative and beneficial cosmic vibrations. Not only do these gems exhibit pure and single colours, but they are exceedingly brilliant with rich contents of rays. They are equally helpful in readily and generously releasing and radiating their rays when vigorously rotated or vibrated and do not show any sign of depletion of their highly beneficial cosmic energies.

The planets release their magnetic force in the course of their natural rotation even as the gems discharge their rays in their vertical or horizontal agitation caused by motors and vibrators. Again, the forces released by the planets traverse through space and impinge upon different individuals and objects. To appreciate the gems, therefore, a study in relation to planets and their individual cosmic rays becomes useful to one and all.

It has been discovered that gemstones send out vibrations and rays from the planets and the planets have their own effect on the life on earth. The precious gems which have the same mineral as is predominant in the planets, act as a modulator of the planetary microwave vibrations. The rays of planets are supernatural and our life is controlled by these supernatural forces and power in them. They modulate the cosmic vibrations in such a way that the supernatural energy emanating from the planets is converted into harmonious forces which certainly boosts the morale of the wearer.

Astrologically, gemstones are indispensable and effective tools for all the complex problems in life. If used properly, there is no reason why a native cannot find harmony with the cosmos. Persons in distress or those interested in climbing up the ladder of success have been looking for aids for better luck. Gemstones are generally considered as best means to attract luck, to turn the wheel of fortune in their favour. These are very important to eliminate planetary malefic influences. The use of gemstones for attracting better luck or warding off ill effects of adverse planetary combination and permutations is as old as astrology.

The Gems and the Birth Chart

Different views about the selection of gems suitability of gems according to various ascending signs in the birth charts - Rituals for wearing the gem stones - gems which should not be worn together - Indian system for birth stones - utility of certain herbs and roots for relief from planetary afflictions.

There is a difference of opinion amongst the gem therapists and astrologers as what should be the manner a gem should be prescribed for planetary afflictions in a birth chart. Some are of the opinion that a gem should be prescribed for the propitiation of the planet which is the cause of the trouble to the native of a horoscope. Other express the view that the gem of that planet should be selected which is auspiciously disposed in the chart in the period of that planet. The gem or gems of the functional malefics should not be prescribed. The advocates of the letter vies consider that the gem of the planet which is giving unfavorable results does not stop the planet from causing troubles but makes him stronger and more troublesome. There is one more school of thought. According to their view the nine planets belong to two groups. One group is led by the Sun and the members of this group are the Moon, Mars and Jupiter. The other group is led by Saturn.

Indications of Gemstones and Uses

Women who want to be blessed with sons should wear an unblemished white diamond with a slight black hue. There is also a view that such women should not were diamond.

Diamond makes a person fearless, gives him patience, purity and good manners.

The businessman who wears a Diamond becomes wealthy and respected and enjoys all luxuries of life.

The wearer of Diamond becomes wise, successful and wealthy and is helpful to others.

The wearer of diamond is protected from the bad influences of evil spirits, and snake bites. Sercery and Tamtras (done against him) do not do any harm to him.

Real Gemstones


One who wears a Ruby which is unblemished, that is, which is smooth in touch, clean, of good colour and water, has lustre, brilliance and radiance, is blessed with children, acquires, wealth and property, becomes prosperous and accumulates precious gems. He is protected from fear, afflictions, sorrow and disasters. He becomes fully virile and his will-power and sprit is strengthened. He becomes fortunate and occupies a high and respected position in the society.
Evil influences come to an end and good fortune smiles for the wearer of a Pearl. Amongst Hindus it is common custom for the brides to wear a nose ring of pearls at the time of marriage ceremony. This is believed to ensure happy conjugal life and protection from widowhood.
Anybody who wears an absolutely unblemished Pearl is blessed by goddess Lakshmi (He becomes very rich). He lives long and all his sins are said be washed out. He gets vitality, becomes intelligent and achieves a high position in life, name and fame.

The wearing of a Red Coral Makes the native courageous and his enemies arevanquished. The Red Coral Protects women from widowhood.

It is believed that the genuine Red Coral warns the wearer of coming ill health by changing its colour. The Red Coral provides freedom from bed dreams and night
mares. It protects the wearer from sercery.


An Emerald of good quality and without blemishes gives good health and a strong body to its wearer, It makes him wise and intelligent. It enhances wealth and property and blesses the wearer with good children.

The Pukhraj assigned to and ruled by Jupiter is of yellow colour and whatever class it belongs to, it is used for getting the benevolent blessings of Jupiter.

An unblemished yellow sapphire (which is often called Topaz.) gives the wearer, good health, wisdom, property. longevity, name, honours and fame. The wearer is blessed with children and grand

Sapphire should always be worn after giving it a trial. If the sapphire (which is unblemished) suits the wearer it removes poverty an gives the wearer almost everything a man could desire, namely, health, longevity, happiness, prosperity, name and fame. It also restores lost wealth and property.
Wearing of an unblemished Gomedha ensures the native safety and protection from deadliest of the enemies. Gomedha bestows health and prosperity to its owners. At the time of hunting wild animals to acts as a protective armour. It is a very helpful stone for warriors in the battlefield. It is believed that keeping Gomedha in the mouth stops bleeding.
Wearing of a Cat's Eye gives happiness in the matter of children and makes the wearer wealthy, It restores lost wealth. Poverty an diseases are vanished. It ensures conquest over enemies and affords protection from enemies.

Semi Precious Stones and its Effect

It provided safety to sailors.
Its wearing ensure un-disturbed sleep. It saves from sercery. If poison is put in a cup of Rock Crystal its colour becomes smoky. A rosary made of Rockcrystel pieces is good for concentration.
Lapis Lazuli
If the beads of his stone are put round the neck of children in gold wire, the children are ensured good health and steady growth and are protected from the bad influences of evil eye.
This gives a spiritual and religious bent of mind and establishes faith in God.
This makes the wearer optimistic. It provides safety to sailors and fisherman. It becomes more effective during the bright half of the lunar month and had been effect in the dark half.
Pyrope Garnet
This stone is said to warn its wearer of coming bad times by changing its colour. If it as given as a gift to a friend, it cements friendship.
This stone protects the wearer from drowning. itr is said to enhance business prospects and help to conquer enemies.
It makes the wearer an eloquent speaker. It is good for prosperity and longevity.
It changes colour when the wearer becomes ill. Its radiance is increased if it is kept close to any poisonous substance.
The wearer loses his fear at night and gets undisturbed sleep.
It makes conzugal relations harmonious. Protects from plague. Gives relief at the time of labour pains.
It is said that the poison loses its deadly ill effects if it is put in a cup or goblet made of this stone.
The wearer of this stone gets good health, wealth, children and family happiness. It cures epilepsy. It is also believed that the breasts of the women who wear this stone remain firm. It protects and heals bites by poisonous insects. The old age is believed to be delayed if wine is drunk from a goblet made of this stone.
It protects from nightmares during sleep.
This gives the wearer patience and self-confidence. It removes the bad influences of evil eye.
This stone gives mental strength, soundless sleep and cheerfulness.
It improves capacity to gain knowledge and enhances intelligence.
It is said that this stone becomes dull when any one suffering from an infectious disease comes close to the wearer. If it goes on fading, this should be treated as a warning from impending death.
Sona Makhkhi
It is said that flies do not touch the wounds if this stone is on the body.
This is a greenish blue stone. It soothes the disturbed mind of the wearer.

Which Stone to be ware on Which Day

Pearl or opal
Bloodstone or Amethyst
Olivine, Jade or Agate
Lapis Lazuli or Turquoise
Lapis Lazuli or Turquoise



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