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How Rahu(Dragon`s head)   transit in Sagitarius sign  will  influence on your birthsign from 17th November  2009 for comming 18months???

Aries:   Rahu will transit on 9th house from your sign will be good for new conatcts and travels and holy spiritual activities,adverse for parents and relative.some obstavles arise in career.

Tauras : Rahu will transit on 8th house will be good for occult and hiden treasure.but adverse for health and court matters or latent enemies.some unexpacted trouble may be possible.

Gemini:- Rahu will transit on your 7th house from birth sign will be good for victory over enemies or litigations.advese for matrimonial or spouse matters.some problem with partner or coworker may be possible.

Cancer:-Rahu will be on 6th house from your birth sign will be good for finnancial matters and also good for health.Enemies will be weaken.benefits in service or job

Leo:- Rahu will be on 5th house from sign will be good for income and tarde.but adverse for love matters.child,progany and spaculation.

Virgo:-Rahu will be on 4th hiuse from your birth sign will be good for travel and meetings and new relationships.adverse for property ,motherside relations,and career satisfaction.

Libra: Rahu will be on 3rd house from your birthsign indicates good travels,new relationships and new changes .advese for brother sister matters

Scorpio:-Rahu will be on 2nd house from your birth sign will be good for family and spiritual trends.adverse for moneymatters and health.

Sagittarius:- Rahu will be on 1st house from your birth sign will be good for commitments and personal matters.adverse for mind and health.some obstacles possible

Capricorn:- Rahu will be on 12th house from sign will be good for new job and change of place.travels .adverse for finnance,debt and sudden expenses possible

Aquarius:- Rahu will be on 11th house from your sign will be good for finnance,income ,good relationships,loveaffair.adverse for child and speculations

pisces:-Rahu will be on 10th house from your sign will be good for property and purchase of comforts.but adverse for occupation job or bussness matters.



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