About Astrology

he Hindu Vedic astrology is most ancient form of astrology.  Astrology is the part of Vedas, the oldest and first written books of the world.

German Indologist   Max Muller wrote, “Vedas are the oldest books in the library of the world”.

“Astrology is the study of the luminous heavenly bodies.”  Astrology does not believe in fatalism but believes in KARM (EFFORTS).  It is a science of time.  By the zodiac signs, constellations and planetary movements we can know the influences on human life and their events.  We should use astrology not as a future telling knowledge but we can know and can build our future. It is helpful to improve our personality, modify our life trends.  Correct our negative qualities to make our successful carrier to know and understand your child their lifestyle and good-bad qualities to correct them. 

Horoscope is the map of planets at the time of Birth and date so it is a useful tool to understand our life’s favorable and adverse events and time. We can do as per our freewill any things which we desire but only qualities, experience and qualification and will not fulfill our desires but we also require good natural heavenly forces to be successful in life.

If you believe the heavenly bodies and their forces may effect on you.  Then you know it through your horoscope. If you don’t believe then leave.



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