Remedies to overcome the shortcomings in your KARMA . Gemstone / Mantras  / Tantras / Yantras / Rituals / Rudraksha are some of the holy aspects which can be brought into practice in our life for the betterment of KARMA.

Let us know your details & we will let you know the holy aspects which can effect your KARMA.The accuracy of this is highly dependent on the time & birth place given to us, as the position of the celestial bodies at the time of the birth plays a major role.

  Rahu transit in saggitarius will give some adverse effects to Birth sign( Nirayan sign-Siderial sign)

Tauras ,capricorn  and virgo ( All these sign are siderial Moon sign)will experience some adverse influences of Rahu

These persons should chant the Mantra of RAHU daily 108 times



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