1) To remove obstacles from all areas of life.
1. Chanting the mantras
2) For the accomplishment of desires, intelligence and fame.
2. Sprinkling of water or milk on the idol of Ganesh.
3. Offering made in the form of 'Modaks' and 'Durva' grass.
4. Mantras should be chanted
Vakratund Ganesh
1) For the attainment of wealth and prosperity.
1) Chanting the six lettered VAKRATUNDA MANTRA



Uchchhishta Ganapati
1) To regain lost wealth.
2) To restart the sick and closed factories.
3) To remove the hurdles in business.
Chanting the above mantra
4) For defeating enemies.
5) Fulfillment of desires.
Laxmi Vinayak
1) For increasing wealth
Above mantra should be chanted
To attain divinity
Study of Atirudra (once).
Rudra Shiva
1) To get a beautiful wife & house
2) For acquiring wealth
1) To neutralize the ill effects of planets.
1) 'Tarpan' and 'Marjan' (sprinkling of holy water to the deities.
2) To eliminate the sorrow due to relative's death.
2) Feeding the Brahmins.
3) For the following purposes -
3) Chanting of Mahamrityunjay Jap
a) if dismissed from a job.
b) If business is liquidated.
c) If there are obstacles in business.
d) If demoted.
e) To prevent premature death.
f) To get cured from incurable disease.
1) For a long and healthy life and to get cured from many diseases like epilepsy, tuberculosis, uterus-related diseases, piles, hemorrhage, etc.
2) To achieve wealth and prosperity.
3) For students, to acquire knowledge, and wealth.
4) Desire for a son.
For acquiring comforts, happiness and wealth
Durgaspatashati.- (Durga)
For removal 0f 'State-fears'
For defeating the opposition
For becoming free from debts
For liberation from bondage
For the welfare of the family
To prevent all kinds of calamities and distress
For success in all walks of life and for acquiring authority and power
For the pacification of the planets and for neutralization of their ill effects
Nav Chandi (Durga)
For the removal of great fears
For attainment of peace
To get favors from an authority and administrative officers
For the accomplishment of tasks

Purification of Environment by Yagna

The huge industrial complexes, rapid urbanization, deforestation, air and water pollution, ozone-depletion, radioactive wastes etc., have disturbed and destabilized the natural harmony of human, animal and plant life cycles. The ecological imbalance caused by these criminal acts of the so called ‘civilized man’ has resulted in a disastrous threat, not only to the human survival but, also to life as a whole on our planet.

Experimental studies show that the incidences of physical ailments, sickness and/or diseases become less in the houses where the yagna or agnihotra is regularly performed because it creates a pure, hygienic, nutritional and healing atmosphere. It renews the brain cells, revitalizes the skin, purifies the blood and prevents growth of pathogenic bacteria. Agnihotra is basically a healing process. “Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you”, says Dr. Madhukar Gaikwad.

The medicinal fumes emanating from the process of agnihotra have been observed by researchers in the field of microbiology to be clearly bacteriostatic in nature, which eradicate bacteria and micro-organisms, the root causes of illness and diseases. This must be the reason why the incidence of physical ailments, sickness and diseases becomes less in the households where agnihotra is regularly performed.

According to Dr. Hafkine, the smoke produced by burning the mixture of ghee and sugar kills the germs of certain diseases; inhaling it from some distance induces secretion from certain glands related to the windpipe that fill our heart and mind with relaxation. “Burning sugar and its smoke has a significant effect in purifying the atmosphere. It kills the germs of T.B., measles, smallpox and cow-pox” – remarks Prof. Tilward. A Russian Scientist named Dr. Shirowich mentions that – “if cow’s ghee is put into the fire, its smoke will lessen the effect of atomic radiation to a great extent”. He also related this process to yagna.
As stated under products of combustion, the partial oxidation of hydrocarbons and decomposition of complex organic substances produce formaldehyde, which is a powerful antiseptic.

Removal of Insects

There are non-bacterial parasites like flies, ringworm, dice fleas etc., which are normally difficult to deal with since bacteriocides which can be used against them are also harmful to other living organisms. Such insects are generally immune to ordinary reagents. However they either get killed or are driven away when they come in contact with volatile oils like camphor, which are diffused in the environment during the performance of yagna.

Role of CO2 Generated in Yagna

The wood and fossil burning in atmosphere is always controversial because of the generation of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and a consequent increase in the ‘green house’ effect.

Small amounts of CO2 inhaled by the persons performing yagna act as a stimulant for inhaling more and more aromatic fumes which helps in curing mental disorders.

Yagna, thus, appears to be a promising scientific, cost effective, eco-friendly method to counter the ever-increasing deadly pollution of the environment and purify and enrich the environment with healthy ingredients. May the environmental scientists and the experts of the Vedic Science of Yagna come together to enable its global expansion.


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