Importance of Rudrakshas

In the modern scientific age, everything is subjected to test. Unless and until the test is completed and results obtained, nothing can be accepted as scientific. Yet there are thousands of natural articles which are not subject to any test yet are result-oriented. These include Shavetarak Ganpati, Dakshineya Sankh, Siyar Singhi, Hath Jori, Safteek Shiva Linga, Parad Shiv Linga. Pardarshi Saligram, Kam roop Mani, Abayakat Saligram and The Lagu Coconut. All these things are very are but when found give health, wealth and happiness.

Likewise, nature has created Rudrakshas. Rudrakshash trees are found in Nepal, Tibet, Indonesia and Malaysia. The trees bear flowers and then the flowers turn into fruits which are called Rudrakshas. These are generally found with Yogis, Sanyasis and foreigners who use them around their neck as beads or as a rosary.

The Rudraksha brings good fortune. Out of the series of Rudrakshas One, Five, Seven, Nine Eleven, Fourteen and Twenty – One faced ones are termed very lucky, and are rarely available. This also includes Gauri Shankar Rudraksha which is the most auspicious for wealth, family and comforts.

The one-faced Rudraksha is termed very auspicious as it bestows wealth and happiness. It helps in attaining moksha and nirvan. The wearer has inclination to do good deeds and it helps in getting the power of intuition.

The Seven – faced bead is auspicious for the birth of a son. The Eleven – faced is good for religious purposes such as Bhagwat Darshan of one's deity. For property and gains the fourteen – faced Rudraksha is good for wealth, the 21 faced bead is very auspicious. Panch or five faced Rudraksha is worn as it is auspicious and is a result giver Rudraksh. It bestows on the wearer comforts and peace of mind.

These are often helpful in curing diseases. Those having blood pressure should wear it on the right arm. Fatal disease, epilepsy and fainting fits are cured by rubbing it in honey. They are being used in many Ayurvedic medicines and in its capsules.

Normally one to 16 faced Rudrakshas are available with the author but are costly as explained above, whereas 17 to 21 faced are rarely available. All are genuine. These should be worn after performing due rituals to gain maximum benefit out of this rare natural fruit.

Methods of Wearing

Detailed methods for wearing the Rudrakshas is provided below. The person who has to wear Rudraksha should take a bath early in the morning should wear clean clothes and sit on Asana and keep with him Puja Samagri and Ganges water and the Rudraksh which he wants to wear. The Rudraksh should be kept on a wooden piece before him. One should apply tilak on his forehead with Chandan, Sandoor and Bhasam. One should keep towel etc., on the head.

Ridraksh for Curing Diseases

Rudraksh beads or Rosary are associated with deep religious faith, as the wearers have found that their use of this has blessed them in every respect in life. But it is necessary that the user must repose faith in the Maker and offer regular prayers.

Rudraksh trees are generally found in Nepal and countries of North Asia. The tree is medium height, its fruit is called 'Rudraksh'. The Rudraksh is found to be similar to the walnut shell. When the cover is broken or cut, the Rudraksh is found inside. These have one to 21 faces. Faces are natural lines found across the Rudraksh. Every Rudraksh has a specific purpose.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksh

This is a rare 'Rudraksh' in which two Rudrakshas are joined together. It may be attributed to Load Shiva and Parvati. When three Rudrakshas are found, it is called, 'Gauri Shankar Parvati'. These are to be worn around the neck or are kept in the temple of the person. These bestow on the user immense good fortune wealth, intelligence, spiritual power and all the comforts of life.

Rosary or Beads

A bead is the right instrument for offering prayers to God. The bead of the Holy Rudraksha is suitable for offering prayers to one's favourite. These Rudrakshas have four to ten faces. Rudrakshas have been categorised in 38 types but up to 21 faces are easily available.



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