What is Tantra?

Tantra is a Sadhana, a method, a technique or a path and is available in all religions. One may have faith in any religion. One can practice or do Sadhana as it does not touch one's religion and faith, rather it strengthens it by way of Puja and prayer to God. One may be Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian or connected with any other religion. Tantra is a regulated path to bring God, the deities and others under one's control through worship and prayer as it contains various methods of Sadhana and use of materials in specified forms, under set rules and directions.

Tantra and Mantras are interconnected. Tantra cannot be successful without Mantra Siddhi. Unless both are practiced simultaneously success cannot be achieved in Tantra. On the other hand one can attain success and siddhi only in Mantra.

Asana is actually a step by step dissolution of the body into the subtle elements, a process of gradual involution whereby the body is identified with the sense of smell, water with taste, fire with vision, air with touch, ether with sound. These five elements are merged one by one into their sources with the potentials of the energies (Tanmatras) and ultimately ego (Ahan Kara), is dissolved into mahat, the great one. Shakti or pure consciousness is constantly coming down in a shower on human beings, but on account of cosmic bombardment, it is immediately transformed and diffused throughout the body. In reuniting SHIVA SHAKTI, the adept can reach out and enjoy the benefits falling form the Sahastara Chakra, the centre of communication directly between the individual being and the infinite consciousness above.

Tantra Asana is one of the means of this realization. Asanas, the science of psychoyogic poses, are based upon a concept of the universe and of man's role in it. The asanas aim is to make one aware of one's potential and to realize and experience joy in being one with the cosmos. It is a yogic practice of transcending the human condition. Tantra itself is unique for being a synthesis of bhoga and yoga, enjoyment and liberation.

Tantric Physiology

In the human body, there are several energy centres containing latent psychic powers. These are called chakras. If activated, they hold potential for reaching cosmic planes of existence. They can be portals to a new existence and the realization of inherent powers.

The Six main chakras of the human body are the Muladhara Chakra (at the base of the spine), Svadhisthana (near the heart) Visoddha (near the throat), and Ajna (between the brows). A seventh Chakra, situated four fingers above the cerebrum, is Sahasrara symbolically represented by the thousand paralled lotus. Sahasrara is said to be the abode of Lord SHIVA, Comic consciousness, and Muladhara the seat of Shakti, from whom originates that Cosmic force known as KUNDALINI. Ultimately, Tantra asana aims to aroase Kundalini Shakti to unite with SIVA, realizing the highest, most intense joy Mahasukla.

All the six centres (Sat-Chakras) are located with the Meru Danda (the vertebral Column) not in the gross (Sthulasharira) but in the subtle body (Linga Shashira). As the repository of psychic energies, they govern the whole condition of being. However in man's normal state, these chakras are dormant.

Through planned meditative asanas, Kundalini Shakti, the great power within the human body, usually latent, lies awakened. This force is compared to a snake lying asleep in the body. Once released from the Muladhara Chakra, it uncoils and begins to rise upward, breaking open and transforming each energy centre as it ascends until Shakti enters the magnetic sphere of SHIVA consciousness.

In yogic practice, discipline of breathing is absolutely essential. Prana, the life force, or vital air, enters the human entity through these psychic centres and nadis getting diffused throughout according to different functions. These are known as Vayus (Vital Aris) which are important to the Tantric practitioner.

The Guru is a preceptor and a guide in the performance of puja and puja practiced and performed by a person who is uninitiated by a Guru becomes ineffective or fruitless. In Hindu shastras it is laid down that neither a visit to a place of pilgrimage nor the practice of meditation and observance of ritualistic vows by a person becomes successful unless initiated by a Guru.

Use of Tantra
Tantra is used rid people of their troubles, diseases, worries etc. One can attain Meksha through Tantra. Tantra must be used for constructive reasons and should not be used for nefarious purposes.

Tantra contains both subjective and objective science. Thus Tantriks made contributions beginning with miracles, sorcery and ending with the science of herbs, metallurgy, medicine, Astrology and Astronomy etc. In brief. Tantra enables man to act through dharma or virtue, artha or (wealth) Kama (Desire) and Moksha (Utimate liberation).


Five articles are used in the worship of Devi these are madya (wine) Mamsa (Meat) Matsya (fish), Mudra (grain) and maithana (Women-literally copulation). These are known are Five M's or Pancha makaras.


Tanatric Articles and Their Use

Nature has created many rare things, the use of which is auspicious for health, wealth and happiness. These may raise the spirituality of the user give protection from enemies and give victory in law suits, vaski karan etc. The author has tested these on many persons and found them very effective.

1. Shvetarak Ganpati :
In Sanskrit it is called Ark and in Hindi or Rajasthan is known as Aak.
This Aak plant has green and blue leaves. Its flowers are of small size but without any fragrance. The Aak plant ahs a rare white plane which also has white flowers. This is a rare plant and cannot be found easily.
The root of this white Aak must be taken out carefully. When the bark and thin wood over the root is peeled off, one will see an image of Ganpati below it. This is called SHVETARAK GANPATI.
2. Parad Shivlingds :
This Shivlings is made of Mercury and Silver and is very solid and heavy. Normally Mercury neither dissolves in water not does it stand at one place when one puts ones hand on it. Yogies of high calibre with their spiritual power heat Mercury to its boiling point viz at 321 degree centigrade and mix silver in it. It solidifies in the form of SHIVLINGA. called PARAD SHIVLINGA. It is a very rare Tantrik Articale.

This SHIVINGA when kept in the sun radiates rainbow colours. Tantriks use it for Sadhana.
3. Safteek Shivlinga :
This SHIVLINGA is made of ceystal quarts or lens glass. The author has seen this in Raghunath – Ji Mandar Jammu (J & K). It bestows on the possessor all comforts of life, Wealth, Health and keeps one from worries and offer protection against all trouble.
4. Parcarshi Saligram :
Lord Shiva too has a form of Saligram. This Saligram is of round shape and of block colour just like a lemon. The Specialty of this is that you can see an image of waving serpent in it.

It is also made of PARAS stone. To the author's knowledge there is one is India in Temple of Petowa Distt. Kurukshetra (Haryana) and the second is in Nepal. It is rare. It may also be found near Gangotri or its branches. The author got garlanded with one form the riverved at Badrinath.

The Sadhaka is blessed with various stypes of Siddhis and blessings of Kali Ma. One ramians free of any trouble. It is a rare and costly item.
5. Abayukat Saligram :
This saligram is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is commonly available, but the round saligram is rare. The test is when one see's the Saligram in Sun, Whether one can see a red light. This is best for family comforts.
6. Dakshineye Sankh :
The Seashell which opens towards the left hand are commonly available but the shells which open towards the RIGHT HAND are rare.

The right hand sankj or right hand Conch is found in three sizes small, medium and big and correspond to male, female and eunuch. The male sanklh gives the sound of OM when put near the ear. The male sankh gives a sound when it is used by blowing through the lips. The Female conch does not give any sound. A conch which is eunuck
7. One eyed Coconut :
This coconut is atributed as third eye of LORD-SHIVA. A coconut is normally available with two eyes. The coconut having one eye is rarely available and is an enblem of wealth.
8. Lago Coconut :
This coconut has three eyes and is rarely available. It is of supari size and too small. This bestows wealth and all comforts of life.
9. Siyar Singhi :
Siyar means Jackal, which normally has no born but when it hoots facing downwards, a small bunch of hire with a born energes from his body at the forehead. This is taken for and is called Siyar Singhi. It may be of Small, medium and big sizes.

In Tantra and Mantra, this can be used in many ways.

It is always kept in vermillion (Sindoor), and its hair grows automatically.

If one keeps a Siyar Singhi in house, one is blessed with wealth, one remain fearless of beasts and it provides protection, from enemies and civil spirits and gives success in law suits.
10. Hath Jori :
In Madhya Pradesh of Amar Kantek hills and in the Lumibani valley of Nepal, There are a thick forests. In these jungles one can find a plant known as 'BIRVAH' which has blue and white coloured flowers and which is similar to the Dhatura Plant branches which look like a hand having five fingers or those which look like two hands jointed together in prayer. This branch is cut and separated, and is called HATH JOR in Tantra. It is small in size about 2" to 3" and equally broad. One can see two hands joined together distinctly. After taking it out, it is immersed in Til oil. It is said that it absorbs about one kilo Till oil in a month whereas its weight remains the same. When it stops to absorb oil, it is taken out. After performing Puja, it is kept in Sindoor (Vermillion). After this, it is used in Tantric Sadhanas.
11. Cat's Chord or Billi Ki Jeer :
When a cat gives birth to children she eats away the umbilical cord. This cord if preserved is very useful in tantric sadhna. It is kept in Vermillion. It is kept after puja in the cash box and blesses the sadhaka with wealth. It is kept used for Vashi Karan. It gives protection from enemies. This too is used for Anusthan. By keeping it, desires are fulfilled. A widely Tested Article.
12. Kam Rup Mani :
Kam Rup Manio is not normally available. This is nature's rare gift. If available and worn around the neck, the effects area that all works of users are completed as per his desires, difficulties are removed. Prosperity, Success, Respect, Wealth, Becomes permanent with him during life.
13. Shukar Teeth :
Shukar or wild boar is a fierce, wild animal, His front reeth are not easily available. These teeth are a used in many ways in Tantric Sadhana and Mahavidya sadhna. Tested many times. These teeth are used as Talisman around the neck of a child, who weeps too much, urinates at night and saves children from the evil eye.
14. Kasturi :
In the umbillical of dear, this round shaped piece covered with hair is found. A very soothing smell always comes out of it. It is a rare piece, used in many Tantrik sadhanas. The possessor should keep is in the cash box or on body, so that all people remain kind to him (used for Vashi Karan). It bestows wealth and comforts.



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