Basic Principles of Vaastu

When the harmony between these elements gets disturbed our energies get dissipated in different directions leading to stress, tension and ill health and our peace of mind is destroyed. We then have to redirect our Energies subjectively as well objectively, so as to achieve equilibrium between Internal / External Energies, to attain a healthy body and a happy mind leading to health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and success.

This is the placement of universal elements in relation to the four principal directions For better results, any activity in your residence or office should be supplemented by the cosmic position of the elements.

The North – East (NE) is assigned to Water :
Have a borewell, underground water tank in that position.

The South – East (SE) is assigned to Fire :
Have your kitchen, pantry, furnace, boiler there.

The North – West (NW) is assigned to Air :
There have a guest-room or a store for finished goods.

The South – West (SW) is assigned to Earth :
It is the most stable of all elements; use it as much as possible by yourself.

The Centre is assigned to Space :
Have the least possible activity in this area.

How does an imbalance in these elements affect us ? An imbalance in these elements in the natural cycle causes Floods, Typhoons, Volcanoes Earthquakes and so on.

Similarly, an imbalance of these elements in our diet can easily be felt physically. The food that we eat gives us energy. If our diet is balanced, our body gets the necessary energy and we feel good. When there is an excess of some element in our diet, say, fire, that is, an excess of spices or chillies, there will be acidity. The (physical) discomfort in our stomach will guide us to have anti-acid tablets as well as a change in diet.

Likewise, an imbalance of these elements outside our body in our surroundings creates a discomfort which we do not physically feel but experience mentally as energy centres (Chakras) of the body get disturbed.


Remedial MEasures in FANG SHUI Tehcnology And Its Instruments


Minors represent a doubling of revenues for the business. That is why Restaurants are also fond of using mirrors to symbolise a busier environment. Inside a house or an office mirrors serve purpose, the bigger the mirror the better. They can balance an L shaped home or room. In business if property hung they can increase profits.


Plants on either side of entrance attract not only persons energy but also enhances financial prosperity for the residents.


The choice of your house colour can help to create a smooth household, harmony if you opt to apply the colour schemes from the five elementary colours:

Red : It denotes happiness, warmth, strength and force
Purple : It is auspicious colour, it is said to inspire respect.
Yellow : Stands for Power.
Green : Represents Growth.
Blue : Represents hope
Grey : Signifies balance and resolution of conflict.
Brown : Gives a heavy feeling.
Orange : Gives Happiness and Power.
White : Adds to Peace, happiness and creates smooth environment.

Pyramid Power

The ancient Indians, Rishis, Great Masters have shown that a simple design like a Triangle, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon etc. give off Energy and radiation at different points within the figure. Maximum Energy is generated within the triangle and its centre. It is for this reason that a Triangle is adopted to represent "Shakti". Any picture of Goddess Amba – Bhawani has an upright triangle at the bottom portion.


Energy Field Inside A Pryramid

The four triangular sides radiate Energy.
The square base radiates Energy.
The cosmic radiation and any radiation falling on the surfaces of Pyramid passes through the Pyramid. This is because of the special and particular shape of the Pyramid.
There are lines of force on the surface of the Earth.
There is the Earth's Magnetic field.

All the above mentioned five Energy fields caused by the radiations, rays, fields of force etc., mingle with each other and a New powerful energy field invested with great magnetic power is created.



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